Tim Naughton, Chief Technical Officer at Salinity Solutions, discusses the company’s new solution

In this Water Vlog, Tim Naughton, Chief Technical Officer at Salinity Solutions, discusses the company’s new industrial water treatment solution, designed to use half the energy of conventional RO systems and to treat up to 95% of the available water volume.

There is huge potential to address both global water scarcity issues as well as many new industrial applications.

Published by Water Magazine, February 23, 2023

About Salinity Solutions

Salinity Solutions addresses the two biggest challenges in sustaining human life on earth – water and energy. The University of Birmingham spin-out, established in 2021, has developed a game-changing batch reverse osmosis water purification technology, which uses half the energy of traditional methods. Its patented, commercially viable solution is believed to be the biggest step forward in water treatment in 50 years and has the potential to benefit every corner of the globe – from rural drinking water to industrial wastewater clean-up and high value mineral extraction.