Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing our team to you. We want you to meet the talented individuals who have turned 10 years of academic research into a ground-breaking water treatment product, with the potential to impact the water treatment industry on a global scale, helping to Treat Water Better. 

This week we are focusing on our CEO, Richard Bruges.

Richard studied mechanical engineering at Edinburgh University and has spent most of his career working in commercial roles in large and small manufacturing businesses. He also holds an MBA from London Business School.

He has spent the last decade working with engineering start-ups, helping them to commercialise their technologies. In 2020, Richard set up an investment company called Clean Engineering and its first investment was as the seed investor in Salinity Solutions when Tim Naughton led the spin-out from the University of Birmingham.

Richard is now CEO of Salinity and is extremely proud of the progress the team has made taking an engineering technology from university research project into production in just two years.

At home, now that his children have left home, Richard focuses his attention on nature and the local community, as a Parish Councillor, through his organic small-holding and the local conservation charity he recently co-founded.

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