Salinity Solutions, an engineering tech start-up, has partnered with leading water process solutions manufacturer, Te-Tech Process Solutions, to produce custom water treatment units featuring its revolutionary water purification technology. The technology, which has been hailed as the most significant advancement in water treatment in 50 years, uses batch reverse osmosis to deliver significant advantages over traditional reverse osmosis methods. The technology is applicable to over 20 sectors globally, including healthcare, industrial waste, mineral extraction, and food processing.

Conventional reverse osmosis technology is notoriously energy-intensive, consuming 4% of the world’s total electricity production. However, Salinity Solutions’ technology offers a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach that reduces both carbon footprint and operating costs. The batch reverse osmosis technology uses 50% less energy, purifies up to 98% of water, generates 80% less waste than traditional methods, and is compact and easily transportable. The first batch RO product, SAM50, will be manufactured commercially by Te-Tech.

Salinity Solutions was co-founded by Tim Naughton, who developed the technology while studying mechanical engineering at Aston University and later at the University of Birmingham alongside Professor Philip Davies, Head of Water Technology Research. Naughton’s passion for water treatment is rooted in his concern for the world’s dwindling freshwater supply.

Since its founding, Salinity Solutions has raised over £1.5m from private sources and two funding rounds on Crowdcube. The University of Birmingham is an investor and shareholder in the company. One patent has already been granted, and four more are pending. The company has conducted successful field trials with eco-mining company Cornish Lithium and plans to conduct upcoming customer field trials in municipal water, food processing, and seawater desalination.

Salinity Solutions’ CEO, Richard Bruges, is excited to work with Te-Tech to scale up production and meet customer demand across a wide range of municipal and industrial water treatment applications. Te-Tech’s reputation and expertise in the municipal and industrial wastewater markets will provide Salinity Solutions with the support and resources to rapidly accelerate business growth.

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Published by Pollution Solutions Online Friday, 17 March 2023