We’d like say a huge thanks to everyone who has supported us so enthusiastically on Crowdcube these last few weeks. Not only will your investment allow us to access new markets for our product – including agriculture, food processing and electroplating – the overfunding will make a huge difference too.

The more prospective customers we talk to, the more interest we get in our core technology. Increasingly the feedback is that we are a real disruptor in the Reverse Osmosis (RO) market. Just this week an international provider of water treatment products told us that our combination of ultra-high energy efficiency and ultra-high recovery is “the holy grail for an RO sales story”. And they aren’t the only ones to have noticed. Alongside your overfunding, market feedback is delivering a huge confidence boost to the business.

All of this means that in conjunction with our product sales and marketing activity, we are able to build a robust IP strategy that will allow us to make the right deals, at the right time with the right parties. One route to maximise IP value is through sublicensing, and we are now in progressed discussions with a European engineering services provider to sell our system in specified geographies and/or for certain applications. Of course another way to maximise IP value is for it to be acquired outright.

To deliver on our strategy it’s important we have the right team around us, so we were very fortunate this week to secure the services of an excellent IP manager, Allan Tibbatt. Alan has a combination of technical, business and legal qualifications and over 25 years’ experience in patents, trademarks and licences. Alan joins us from the technology transfer team at the University of Birmingham, where he of course became very familiar with the development of our batch RO technology. One of Alan’s first jobs will be to select a specialist IP legal firm to support us.

Alongside the legals we need to maximise our exposure, so we are engaging a PR agency who specialise in supporting disruptive fast growth clean tech businesses.

Thank you to the Crowdcube community for making these extra opportunities possible, we are very committed to rewarding your faith in us.

To invest visit: https://www.crowdcube.com/companies/salinity-solutions/pitches/bvLrvl

Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please Invest Aware.