Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing our team to you. We want you to meet the talented individuals who have turned 10 years of academic research into a ground-breaking water treatment product with the potential to impact the water treatment industry on a global scale, helping to Treat Water Better. 

This week we are focusing on our Development Engineer, Liam Burlace MEng.   

Liam’s background is in mechanical engineering, focusing on mechanical design and fabrication. As one of the early founders he offers a deep understanding of the core design of our technology, as well as having the hands-on experience of building these units.  

His career highlight to date is helping to grow this technology from a rudimental, manually-operated system to the automated and remotely controlled product that we have today. 

Outside of work his passions are live music, travelling and rugby.  

You can find out more about Liam here: LinkedIn – Liam Burlace