Salinity Solutions
The Proving Factory
Gielgud Way, Coventry


First Salinity field trial yields positive results​

We’re pleased to announce that the results from our first field trial have been very encouraging.

The trial was the first opportunity to test the SAM50 (Small and Mighty 50Bar) prototype unit outside of lab conditions. The unit, which remained on site for a fortnight, was able to concentrate Cornish Lithium’s brine by over five times concentration. The prototype unit has now arrived back in Coventry for inspection ahead of further testing in a few weeks’ time.​

“It’s been a great first trial of the unit in real world conditions. Five times concentration was our target and we’ve achieved it. The next stage is to ensure we can match high brine concentration levels with optimum energy efficiency. A huge thank you to Cornish Lithium who were wonderfully hospitable and supportive throughout our time on site,” said Tim Naughton, CTO and founder.​

Dr Rebecca Paisley, Exploration Geochemist at Cornish Lithium added “We’re pleased with the way this first trial has progressed and with the brine concentration levels that have been achieved. We look forward to continue working with the Salinity team as we plan for the next round of testing as soon as possible.” 

Tim Naughton meets Business & Energy Secretary​

Salinity Solution’s founder Tim Naughton met with Kwasi Kwarteng during a ministerial visit to Cornish Lithium’s United Downs site.

The Secretary of State was touring the site during Salinity’s first field trial with Cornish Lithium. Tim was able to explain Salinity’s high efficiency compact reverse osmosis process and how it improves the efficiency of lithium extraction from brine.​

Tim said; “It was great to meet Kwasi Kwarteng. He’s really enthusiastic about the UK lithium industry and was interested to know how our system works, about the marriage of chemistry and engineering and was very pleased to hear how positive the results have been.”​